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Spirals of Creation

The Krystal Spiral is key to the expansion of structure in a Krystic universe. It regulates the cycles of expansion and back flow return to Source. It operates in conjunction with Krystic Merkaba to regulate the flow of Primal Life Force current down through cosmic structures into our bodies and everyday lives.

The Golden Mean and Fibonacci spirals derive from the original Krystal Spiral. Their structure and mode of operation however differ in significant ways from the Krystal Spiral. This has major implications for their associated Merkaba mechanics, leading to a severing of higher dimensional connections, cutting off flows to and from Source and trapping of energy.

This module explores the origins of both spiral sets and compares their mode of operation. In particular it looks at the growth of the Krystal Spiral from the original Kathara Grid. It compares this with the development of the Golden Mean spiral from the Golden Mean rectangle, the development of the Fibonacci spiral from this and their relationship to the ‘Tree of Artificial Life’ in Metatronic science.

These spirals lie at the foundation of sacred geometry. The numbers and proportions associated with them are important and are explored. They influence Merkaba spin speeds and arise in many fields, e.g. biology, architecture, art, etc. The spirals directly impact physics and how energy flows into and operates in our world. In particular the Metatronic deviations have impacted our ‘natural’ world in a very significant way leading to a closed isolated local universe with a finite amount of energy that is degrading, as detailed in our conventional energy laws. They also affect the way our electricity and magnetism operate, our planetary magnetic field, etc. They condition the world we live in. Fortunately the Krystal Spiral is also present and accessible. This brings the possibility for full higher dimensional connection, open energy flows with Source and direct Source connection.

Knowledge of the spirals and understanding their differences empowers both our stewardship in creation and our connection to Source. It is both a sacred entrustment, putting the sacred back into science, and a fascinating vista on our journey home.

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