ManU Technique - 5: The IAHAIA CODE  

To hear a wave file of the Magic Words Of Co-Creation (The ManU Tones), Right Click HERE and choose "save link as". Save to your desktop so you will know where it is. Then go to the desktop and double click on the file. This wave file consists of the one time full sequence through the process. The first time through, you would tone Psonn 1 three times and then each of the other 11 times through you would tone Psonn 1 only once. On last time through you would extend the final word (Ki) and then tone the End Tone three times.

The IAHAIA Code ManU Veca Code 1 of 4. Begins opening the D-1 Chi to D-13 KEE ManU doorway, beginning activation of the Eckasha Force rays within the D-1 "Cave of Creation" point, the First of the First 8 Cells in the Tailbone and the Neutron Windows within the Atomic structure.

Once per day do Eckasha Maharic Seal then run the Magic Words of Co-Creation Sequence from Manu Technique-1  12 Times while focusing eyes in a slight-cross focus upon the IAHAIA Code. Optical Pineal induction of the IAHAIA Progressively activates the ManU Rays within the Density-1 Body and brings the ManU Phase of the Eckasha 12-Point Merkaba Vehicle into temporary activation.


ManU Technique 1:
The Magic Words of Co-Creation
Embodying the In-Breath and Out-Breath of God.

The Sacred Seuriea Psonns Radial Body Eckasha Merkaba Tonal Activation Sequence*

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Psonn - 1: Hailing the Eckasha God-Force
Um-ah-A'   ThrA'   E-na-   A      Ec-ka-sha  ( 3 times ) (pronounced "e-ka-sha")
The Request

Psonn-2: The In-Breath-Intention Imbedding
EirA-Sha-Ra-D-K-ShA-   Ta'a-Mira-Prana-Chi
The Directive - Rising Moon

Psonn-3: The Pause-Breath- Intention Creation
ManU-Ec-RAE-Dha-KHU-KEE-   Ma'a-Yana-Traia-Rei
The Creation - Sleeping Flower

Psonn-4: The Out-Breath- Intention Manifestation
ManA-Ka-E-Ha-HU-Ra-   Hara-Maya-Mana-Ki  (k"E")
The Projection - Flowing Waters

End: a-sh-alum-  Ta'  E-ka'sha- deh'


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