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ManU Technique 1:
The Magic Words of Co-Creation

Embodying the In-Breath and Out-Breath of God.
The Sacred Seuriea Psonns Radial Body Eckasha Merkaba Tonal Activation Sequence*

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Psonn - 1: Hailing the Eckasha God-Force
Um-ah-A'   ThrA'   E-na-   A      Ec-ka-sha  ( 3 times )
(pronounced "e-ka-sha")
The Request

Psonn-2: The In-Breath-Intention Imbedding
EirA-Sha-Ra-D-K-ShA-   Ta'a-Mira-Prana-Chi
The Directive - Rising Moon

Psonn-3: The Pause-Breath- Intention Creation
ManU-Ec-RAE-Dha-KHU-KEE-   Ma'a-Yana-Traia-Rei
The Creation - Sleeping Flower

Psonn-4: The Out-Breath- Intention Manifestation
ManA-Ka-E-Ha-HU-Ra-   Hara-Maya-Mana-Ki  (k"E")
The Projection - Flowing Waters

End: a-sh-alum-  Ta'  E-ka'sha- deh'



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