The Universal Ecka Monadic Template Master Key Code

and the

Pairings of the 24 Master Key Codes of the Moda-AdhurA*




Follows below, is the detail for pairing (fixing/ gluing back to back) PCM, PKA and Ecka Key Codes as was intended to be given during Dublin, 11/ 03 Workshop. At some time in the future, specific instructions will be given about the positioning, applications and use of these Code pairs. For the time being, any personal use and/ or amplification of the Template Master Key Code can be obtained by:


1) placing all paired Codes as pack or stack in the center of the Template (packed or stacked in any sequence, for now) before lying atop the whole, and      2) lying over the Template and placing individually paired Codes over body parts as "intuitively directed". The Template, for the present time, is placed at the rear of the AzurA before lying over / atop the Template with your head pointing to the position 293.5 deg's. CW from Magnetic North. (Here is a low resolution image that can be used for aligning your axis.)


Key Codes of the Moda-AdhurA should be paired as follows:

PCM Code No. (Inner Ring of Codes) PKA Code No. (Middle Ring of Codes) Relationship **
10 16 M
13 3 M
14 4 Inv.
  1 7 M
  2 8 M
5 11 M
  6 12 Inv.
  9 15 Inv.

Ecka Code Pairs (Outer Ring Codes

19     &     21  (12 and 6 o'clock) Inv
23     &     17  (3 and 9 o'clock) Inv
20     &     22  (1 and 7 o'clock) M
18     &     24  (10 and 5 o'clock) Inv


M = Mirror Position (The "Cup" and "Shaft" of each Code pair aligned over each other, back to back);

Inv. = Inverted (one Code rotated 180deg. v it's pair, or one cup pointing down with the other, the cup pointing up, back to back).


PCM & PKA Code pairs as listed above start at 12 o'clock (10 & 16), rotating Clockwise in sequence; 13/ 3; 14/ 4; 1/ 7; 2/ 8 etc.




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